A short story of Thai noodles

 A short story of Thai noodles

It is acceptable to be quite picky about ordering your favourite noodle in Thailand… For some vendors, you can even choose the level of spiciness from one to ten, I personally stick with level four or five and never want to try to taste the level ten as the soup colour is dark red! – Parita Nobthai

There are plenty of noodle menus across Thailand.

History of Thai noodles
It is believed that Guay Tiew was brought to Thailand by Chinese merchants in Ayutthaya era.

Guay Tiew became a significant dish and was one of the interesting strategies that was applied to solve the economic crisis during major flooding in Thailand in 1930s. Noodle selling on the boat was one of a few options that civil servants and parliaments officers could have for lunch. At that time, Thai government under the leadership of Field Marshal Phibun Songkhram considered the financial and nutritious benefits of noodles and launched a campaign to encourage Thais to consume Guay Tiew, provide a noodle cart and a short course to train any Thais who want to own the noodle shop. Noodles turned to be widely popular among Thais and was promoted as being highly nutritious, cheap, convenient and a delicious meal for everyone.

How to order noodles in Thailand
It is acceptable to be quite picky about ordering your favourite noodle in Thailand. You can choose from different type of noodle There are also different types of meat balls (pork, beef, chicken, fish). You can have additions including crushed peanut, chopped coriander, chopped spring onion, bean sprouts or even soup on the side. Remember that you always have the freedom to personalise your order.

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